Thursday, 14 April 2011


The stanchions arrived for the Tarantul the other night. Etched brass. I don't have any excuses now not to do more work on her.

Stanchions are the uprights for the rails all the way round the deck and upper works.

Designed by Niall.


This is going to be a fun job.

Friday, 29 October 2010

The model....

before the accident.

It's supposed to be 1/64 but it scales around 1/72nd, which I like.

Here it is on the pond on the day I bought it.


And this was taken as a visual reference of some of the problems, holes in the deck for screws, holes for screws in the gun turret, the missile tubes all over with the screw holes.

And the mast is on back to front as well.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A start to the blog

This is an occasional blog about my rebuild of a model Tarantul 3 Missile Corvette.

Tarantul is the NATO reporting name, more properly it should Project 1241.1 Molniya (or Lightning), incidentally Mjolnir was the Viking name for Thor's hammer.

Anyway these were sold a couple of years ago as a ARTR (almost ready to run) model boat and I acquired this last year.

The plan was that I'd run it over the winter and do it up later. Alas there was a little accident with the rudder that involved having to take the deck off. Sadly that stalled so now a year later I am keen to get this project back on the slipway again.

For now this is a great picture of a Tarantul 1 from the port quarter.


And the Kashtan weapon system I am going to build to go on the after deck.